Rusty Silver Birch Panel  Image

Rusty Silver Birch Panel

Product Code: XTLC10SB

  • Waterproof
  • Made from recycled products
  • Looks great! Each panel can be painted to any colour - supplied in a natural fawn colour
  • Material: Plant fibre & PVC

Each fretwork panel is cut out of 1mm Steel 

The screens are individually organically rusted so that no two screens are identical. The rusted finish will continue to grow and develop in colour which may result in lighter or darker patterns in the rust depending on the weather it receives. To prevent further rusting an outdoor varnish or silicone spray should be applied as required.

 Back-lighting & wall spacers available for stunning night time effects.

 OUTDOOR uses for the decorative panels: 

Decorating an existing fence, shed or garden walls.
· Creating a garden focal point
· Windbreak
· Pergola side panels
· Alternative to traditional wooden screening (willow or bamboo)
· Trellis for climbing plants
· Decking balustrade infill
· Privacy panels

 INDOOR uses for the decorative panels:

· Privacy screen to cover a window (as pictured)
· Non structural internal dividing wall
· Wall hangings
· Personalising furniture
· Restaurants, shops & bars screens.
· Stairway balustrade infils

Delivery Information

Pallet Quantity: Available for direct dispatch

Pack Quantity: Singles

Stipulations: Discounts for pallet orders

Colours Available