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Decking Boards 2.4 metre

Product Code: XYL002

  • Manufactured by SEDPA
  • Composite of RECYLCED wood & plastic
  • Maintenance free
  • Material:


Xyltech composite decking boards are  Ideal for the construction of decks, terraces, pool sides and other landscaping applications, Xyltech composite boards allow you to create your own high quality individual and unique designs. The XylTECH® boards resist all forms of aggression: Excellent stability over time without greying. Water-resistant and non-moisture absorbing, rot proof and fungus free. Termite and insect proof. Resistant to salt water corrosion. Hard wearing. Colour fast. Grooved, the XylTECH® boards are non-slip, whether wet or dry, which enables it to be used in wet places, ideal for marina. It will not disintegrate, or form splinters, thus making it completely safe to walk on. Xlytech Decking boards are incredibly eco-friendly. Xyltech is manufactured by combining waste wood fibres from the wood industry with recycled high density polymers to produce a 100% recycled product. In addition, the composite decking is 100% recyclable. The boards combine the aesthetics and the warmth of exotic wood with the long life and the ease of maintenance of plastic materials.

Delivery Information

Pallet Quantity: 144 Lengths

Pallet Dimensions: 3.6m x 1m x 70cm -

Product Dimensions: 2400 x 135 x 25 mm

Colours Available

Ebony Redwood Teak