Stable Mirror Image

Stable Mirror

Product Code: PAX013B

  • Proven to reduce stable tension & vices
  • Safe & non Toxic
  • Comes with drilled holes to secure to the wall
  • Material: ACRYLIC MIRROR
  • Manufactured In The UK

Parallax Mirror-Plas is lightweight outdoor plastic mirror that is 3mm thick and Is ideal for fixing directly to  your stable wall. Mirror – Plas can help to cure stable vices, by solving boredom & offering companionship. Mirror-Plas is manufactured from shatter resistant acrylic plastic.  The acrylic is renowned for it durability & strength  which makes Mirror-Plas 10 times stronger than glass  making it safe for your horse and can weighs 80% less than glass.  These mirrors are especially easy to clean, and come supplied with screw holes for easy fitting. These mirrors are not recommended in large sheets (ménage mirrors) as views can become distorted from a long distance.

Available in the following sizes: 


  • 600mm x 600mm (2 x 2ft)
  • 600mm x 900mm (2 x 4ft) 
  • 600mm x 1200mm (2 x 6ft)


Delivery Information

Pallet Quantity: PACK'S

Pallet Dimensions: PACK'S

Pack Quantity: 10'S OR 25'S

Product Dimensions: 60 x 60CM

Colours Available

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