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Blenheim Artificial Grass 35mm Pile

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  • Natural Grass Look
  • Hard Wearing
  • No Mowing or Watering
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Blenheim Artificial grass 35mm deep pile

Our superior  Blenheim artificial grass has a pile height of 35mm and is made up of tricoloured - two shades of green and one yellow. The Blenheim artificial lawn, once laid is best described as having the appearance of a soft summer lawn. The use of a mixture of tones within the Blenheim's anti-UV synthetic grass fibres really makes this artificial grass believable and hard to distinguish from real turf. A pile height of 30mm makes the Blenheim artificial grass a hard wearing synthetic grass with a small amount of bounce - perfect for play areas. In fact the Blenheim artificial grass is perfect for many areas of high traffic and will always look fresh, clean and cut - We can't say the same about real grass!

Artificial Grass - Blenheim Artificial Grass Details:

  • Size : 2m Wide Roll x 25m Length, or 4m Wide Roll x 25m Length or cut to any length needed.
  • 100% Thiolon(r)polythene, monofilament, anti-UV fibre
  • Approx pile height: 35mm
  • Stitch rate : 150 stitches

Artificial Grass - Blenheim Artificial Grass Features:

  • Tri- Coloured Synthetic Grass Strands - Natural Look
  • Pre-Punched for Drainage
  • Water Resistant
  • Can be joined with specialist adhesive and tape.
  • Hard wearing synthetic grass
  • Latex backing, water resistant
  • Dog friendly - can be hosed down
  • 10 year guarantee for surface wear
  • Full Installation guide available.
  • Available in roll width 2m and 4m up to 25m in length - please see individual size listings.

No Installation Service?

To supply you with the best price on artificial grass in the whole of the UK we can only supply and not offer an installation service. Installing artificial grass is a simple process if the instructions in our provided installation guide are followed correctly.

Doing Your Bit for The Environment

A purchase of Artificial Grass is a good deed for the environment. There will be no need for wasting water to keep it green, no wasting electricity or fuel keeping it trim and no need for the use of chemicals such as fertilizers and feeds. It's cheaper and safer for your Children and pets - and believe us when we say a lot cleaner for your house too; no more mud from a water logged lawn.

Delivery Information

Product Dimensions: • 2m Wide Roll x 25m Length, • 4m Wide Roll x 25m Length • Cut to size

Colours Available

Garden Green Green