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Product Code: PAX002

  • Manufactured by SEDPA
  • Econimical
  • Easy to use
  • Material:

Economical, Multiglass is a transparent, UV-stabilised APET sheet. It has a very high mechanical strength and resists temperature variations, ageing, chemical agents and impacts. Non-flammable, the Multiglass APET sheet can be used in place of glass, both inside and outside. Multiglass is also suitable for framing, model making and laminating documents. The MULTIGLASS film can be stapled, nailed down, drilled through, sawn and bent, either manually or using a flame. Multi glass is available in light weight or heavy duty thickness’s and is supplied in rolls.

Delivery Information

Pallet Quantity: PACK'S

Pallet Dimensions: PACK'S

Pack Quantity: 10'S OR 25'S

Colours Available